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Howto export data from surveys

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Is there an easy way to export data from the surveys taken from users, so that a kind of csv file is generated? (this way, some other statistical analyses can be performed...)

Moreover, is there a way to see also which users from within a group of users have taken the survey? (I'm using it to allow users to fill in a questionnarie to evaluate the quality of the teaching received in a course, and I'd like to suggest to everybody to take the survey, and remind it later only to the ones that didn't take the survey...). I'm using it in a kind of trial (ina real case, though), but if good enough, we would use this module for many more surveys from other subjects students in our university...

By the way, if any body else is managing this kind of surveys with any other software or module (phpESP, quizzes, polls, etc.), I would appreciate reading your comments (a a comment to this post, if you wish)

Thanks in advanced,