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Just tried tiki 1.9RC3

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Hey Tikiwiki Community

I'd like to introduce me first:
Im working as IT-Spezialist in a small (100Head) Company for about 4 Years now. Our IT office use TikiWiki a while now, for dokumentations (Wiki) and other features for different stuff. I also changed the intranet side from e static side to TikiWiki.

One of my Job is to test the new releases, and the new features and make them usefull for us (find a way how to work with). Since Tiki1.4 I have installed every release, and tested it for us.

Perhabs ur asking yourself now, why does he never posted before.. Hm.. I actualy set up some mails, and wrote down some bugs at that time, but I always found a way to work around it.. and at least im not realy commen with OpenSource Communities (badly). At least I always waited for a new version, to have the bugs fixxed (because I think some of them are realy obviously).

The actual status now is:
IT-Intranet 1.6

Now.. I waited with update for the new 1.9 stable version, but badly it took longer than I thought. So I get into the problem that I leave this Company at the end of this year, and I would realy like to give them a good basic for new upgrades.
Because 1.9 stable isn't out now I thought im gonna make a testinstallation with rc3 and fix the problems this update seems to carry withit on the original side, so an Update later will be easier.

I did that.. and a lot of stuff went wrong, so now im not realy sure about how the stable version gonna be!?

Does someone have a hint for me, how much the RC3 is equal to the stable Version, or do I have to get a CVS build? (again, im not realy common with that).

Thanks for Help!
PS: If its alright.. I would like to post the troublemakers here later, or should I post it somewhere different? and sorry for my badass english :-) Im mothertongue is swissgerman, and most of my english comes from movies :-).

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Aeh.. here is one of the troublemakers:

Invalid variable value : page = Menu Infothek->EDV-Intranet

.. yes, indeet, I agree with you guys.. thats not a good name philosophy :-) but it worked before.. and now it don't.

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Hi Matz:

I would suggest you to update the tiki version step by step (1.6 to 1.7, 1.7 to 1.8, 1.8 to 1.9), and following all the recommendations in their help pages: such as UpgradeTo18 (and specially this one).

For the rest, you shouldn't have many problems (I did the same as you, upgrading 1.4 to 1.9rc3 for the last two years, sequentially, and it works pretty well right now, The 1.9DR version is pretty functional. You can eve try it yourself through a Knoppix GN/Linux Live-CD with Tiki 1.9DR incorporated! (I did and it's very nice!)

Good luck,wink

Xavier (tiki novice, and not a real programmer but marine biologist using tiki for teaching at university)

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I suggest you upgrade to 1.8.4 as this is the most up to date stable release.

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      • NEVER USE a 1.9 RC3 for a production site***

It has security issues, wiki parsing problems, forum issues and a lot more.

The latest stable release is indeed 1.8.4, however the upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8 has its problems, I still have 2 sites of clients that are stuck on 1.7 because the structure.sql upgrade script wont work for them.

1.9 will probably be released sometime Jan 2005 maybe later and the feature freeze is no longer in effect.

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Thanks for your quick answer everyone!

Damian Parker

Of course I read the line about "never use a 1.9 RC3 for a production side" thats why I have a test system, where I installed all the versions I try.

Xavi (as xavidp - admin)

I would suggest you to update the tiki version step by step (1.6 to 1.7, 1.7 to 1.8, 1.8 to 1.9)

Hm, you mean upgrade the database step by step? right? if so, of course I did that!
If not, im wondering why I should do so??

:-) and thanks for the hint, but I read the Update pages as well!

seems like I should install 1.8.4 :-) okey, will do that, fix all the stuff that doesn't work .. and then an upgrade to 1.9 shouldn't that big problem right? *hope*.

Eam, it seems like im not the only one who have his problems with upgrade :-)

ps: can someone give me a hint in which forum I should post usability problems with features? I mean for example the problem that i can't use a feature as it is now. (the part I said about obviously bugs/problems)

thanks u all

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Hi together..

I updated both of the side on a testserver to 1.8.4 as you said, to look whats comming out..
now I have some problems here, perhabs someone could give me a hand with it.

  1. Shoubox: how can i make it possible to send links?
  2. WikiTags: you changed some Tags it seems, as our dokumentation Plattform has a lot of sides, I ask you for another way than change them all!

  • Example1:
the X was bold in 1.5 now it printet out __X__

I think this is a bug, because if i let -==- away, it works

  • Example2:
(we used that for any of our sides!) is now Printet out

  • Example3: Some Titels are like this:
!-=Internet !!Internet-Login=-

and now they printet out like
Internet [+]

  • Example4: I wrote that before.. but no one gave me an answer: I have some pages that I use for a Menue, and so I used that name: "Menu Infothek->EDV-Intranet". When I try to go to it there is just that message:
Invalid variable value : page = Menu Infothek->EDV-Intranet

But hmm.. perhabs this has a reason and is not a bug.. please tell me then.. so I must rename all of them.

thanks a lot!

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Example 1 you need spaces between the tags

Example 2 probably CSS related or an issue in tikilib.

Example 3 Centering can only happen on 1 line not across two.

Example 4 probably something connected to dynamic content

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Thanks alot to you Damian and sylvie

Im prepairing the two productive sides for Update to 1.8.4.. your answer does not gave me big hope to do that without changing a lot! so I start working and hope I can finish it before I leaf the company :-)

greez and a nice xmass time.. matz

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Eam, and about the spaces..

  • Example 1 you need spaces between the tags

I couldn't get this to work in anyway I tried, as long as there are -= =- titels in tables the fat stuff is printet out like __fat___

  • Example 2 probably CSS related or an issue in tikilib.
  • Example 3 Centering can only happen on 1 line not across two.

It worked before.. thats the problem..

The Point 4 is clear.. like I said.. not a realy good way to name pages, my fault :-)


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Example 4: 1.9 introduces more security ... a value of a param set in the url is checked against a pattern... you can't anymore put a > in a value ... I suppose that it is to avoid some html in the param value .... Perhaps the security checking is too severe ...