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> elgerts:
> Your idea that I don't have permissions is an interesting one. I only have one user, and that is the admin comes with the system. I have not made any new users, primarily as that option is not available to me anywhere, unless I type the url for the admin.php pages specific to that feature at which point I can get it to work fine. In all three installations this has been the same case for me. Am I doing something wrong in installation possibly or are there issues installing on Mac OS X in the way I am with the versions of MySQL, Apache, and PHP that I utilize?
> Thanks!

If you are doing all your actions as 'admin' user then you already have or should have all permissions. Looks like there is a problem with your installation alright. What version of PHP are you using? Do you have a menu on the left hand side of the screen and if so what options are available? Can you login without any problems as 'admin'?