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Modifying the {TOC} plugin for wikis

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Quick question. I know how to modify the standard plugins that are available for the wiki, as they are all in lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_whatever.php. However, I am trying to modify the tag to change some of the formatting and can't find the .php or .tpl file that I need to mess with. Thanks.


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It is not a plugin , it is a wiki tag (see in lib/tikilib.php)
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Found it... In the lib, it makes a call to the structlib->get_toc() function and it is only passing in the page reference id (an integer), however, it looks like the function will accept other parameters :
function get_toc($page_ref_id,$order='asc',$showdesc=false,$numbering=true,$numberPrefix='')
so if i wanted to get rid of the numbering that shows up to the right of the bullets, i just need to change that so it passes in false instead of true for $numbering, right?

Or am I begin retarded and I can do that from w/in the CMS as opposed to monekying about with the lib functions?


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{toc shownum=0}

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