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Re: Re: BUGGY IMAGE GALS.: How to add permission to rebuild thumbnails?

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Thanks for the info Damian. Since we are coping with recurrent troubles with the thumbnail generation, is there a way to inactivate its generation, and link image galleries to the list of images (http://uniwiki.ourproject.org/tiki-list_gallery.php?galleryId=9) instead of the graphic browsing (http://uniwiki.ourproject.org/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=9)?

Most of our users (students at university), just want to know the image Id of one of the images that they previously uploaded to their "project" gallery, to include the image (which they already recognize by names) to their paper work. And in case they don't recognize by names, they could browse the image gallery by images at full size, instead of by thumbnails...

I guess I could manage to hardcode the change in whatever files need to be changed, but this would affect all image galleries in all subtikis in our multitiki environment. And I think it could be nice as an option in the image gallery configuration, in case thumbnail generation consume so many resources from the server.

Moreover, what do you think about my secong comment in the previous message?:

On the other hand, I read weeks ago in tw.o forums that image galleries were significantly improved for the 1.9 version of Tiki. Could this be also included in the official "stable" version of Tiki (1.8.x)? (since it seems that 1.9 is still away from being stable, according to TikiPlan19 )

Should I send it to tw-users.sf.net, now that there is some movement about thumbnails, in order to allow other people also to suggest what to do about it?

Thanks for your time, and knowledge in programming good ICT tools. :-)