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updating tiki_articles table from a php script

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I've written a php script that updates the tiki_articles table with new records (I find the tiki-edit_article.php interface a little unsuitable for my purposes).

While all the data from my script is going into the table as expected (i.e. I can see each record using phpMyadmin), for some reason, it doesn't show on the main "View Articles" page from within wiki.

What am I doing wrong here? When I use my script, it updates the following fields:
title, authorName, heading, topicName, body,publishDate,expireDate,type

Also, (please bear with this newbie qn) there's a "hash" field in the table that I don't update with my script because I don't know what it's made up of. Can someone please help me a little please?


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Why you don't use the function replace_article from lib/articles/artlib.php?
Because it updates other tables too...
In this function you will see the hash too