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Add permissions ?

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Hi again,
I must have done something wrong because when I want to connect to my tiki with another account than 'admin', I can't access pages, forums, articles, nothing except the calendar.
For the forums, I searched in 'admin forums' and under the 'green key' page (where you assign rights) : I have forum read for admins, registered, editors.
I tried adding anonymous (although I don't wan't anonymous users to browse the forum), but mys users still can't access the forums.

What's wrong ? How do I correct that ?
Thanks !

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Try checking that you added the proper permissions through Admin > groups > Permissions (the yellow or green key)
REad the documentation help on doc.tw.o about permissions, users, groups, etc.
Hope it helps,

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You can use also a profile (at the install or later with phpmyadmin or mysql command line) as db/profiles/BasicEnabled.prf. It is a list of sql commands that set some "usual" perms . It is easier for a beginner

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