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Architecture / Installation

mysql not connected

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Hi all,

i am a little scriptkiddie, trying to get tiki running, i enterd the same information that worked for my phpnuke into the setup page but it says, it doesnt find a sql connection

i have a debian system, apache2, php 4.4, mysql 4.0.2

the dbuser is the one that php is run by (root) and the pw for the mysqlserver is set via webmin. ( im not entirely sure about who runs the php, though, how do i find that out? )

does anybody know what im doing wrong? despite not knowing what im doing :-)

thanks, Martin

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Check the params in the file db/local.php

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thanks, sorry for the late answer

the params werent set correctly redface

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since i coulndt use the setupscript provided, which .sql file do i have to dunp into the tiki db for startings?
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nevermind...i figured it out