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Re: Categories not showing on Wiki page category listing

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I found the problem myself in the get_categoryobjects() function in lib/tikilib.php. This routine contains following snippet:

foreach ($objectcat["data"] as $obj) { $type = $obj["type"]; if (!($this->in_multi_array($obj['name'], $listcat))) { if (isset($typetitles["$type"])) { $listcat["{$typetitles["$type"]}"][] = $obj; } elseif (isset($type)) { $listcat["$type"][] = $obj; } } }

The check to remove duplicates on line 3 is bogus because it can very well be for category objects of different types - e.g. file gallery or wiki page - to have the same name. Name is not a good unique identifier which explains also why the problem wasn't always happening as I didn't have naming conflicts across all categories.

I don't think it is otherwise possible to add duplicate objects of the same name and type to the category tables so I would say this check can be eliminated all together. It works for me anyway.

Corrected code:

foreach ($objectcat["data"] as $obj) { $type = $obj["type"]; if (isset($typetitles["$type"])) { $listcat["{$typetitles["$type"]}"][] = $obj; } elseif (isset($type)) { $listcat["$type"][] = $obj; } }