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Howto watch all forumposts+replies at once?

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I set up a Tiki for educational use. Students had to post a question & reply into a different forum each week. Nowadays I evaluting their contributions (many), and I'd like to "watch" any answer they make to any of the hundreds of messages.
Is there a way to do this automatically? I mean, to avoid clicking on the watch-post, for everypost I make.
I've set up to send a copy to my e-mail address, from the each forum admin page, but I seem not to get an e-mail per reply to a post.

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OOps, sorry, mail was delayed!.
I've got the e-mail message notifying from the reply to apost through the send-copy-to-email setting from the Forum admin.
Everything is ok.
We'll, however, I remember here that in 1.8.4, the email received via watch or copy feature doesn't contain the link to the forum message URL (contains no URL at all).
I already reported this at sf.net bugs, but it seemed to be not important for the person who answered.
It could be nice to have this url in the "stable" Tiki version going on.
Thanks for your work,

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My suggestion would be to use an RSS reader to monitor the forums. That's how I keep track of the posts in these forums. I just use Thunderbird and then create an RSS subscription then paste the RSS url for the forums into the right folders... Voils... One long list of all things...mrgreen



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I am using calendar - filter on forums to see the last posts