Re: OpenOffice integration (typos corrected)

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(Hey, forums in tw.o are kind-pof-buggy right now! I wanted to edit my previous post (to correct some misswritting), And I cannot post the edition,nor cancel the edition of my previous post through the normal "cancel" button. I resend my previous post, with misspelled words corrected)

I'm also VERY interested in this kind of mod, Damian!

The main two problems we are facing with the use of a wiki (from Tikiwiki, in our case wink) with students (in order to ease them with their task to write papers/works/assignments in groups), are:

(1) Many of them still work off-line much of their time (not enough computers at uni or home connected to the internet...), and it's not easy for them (novice wiki users) if they can only edit things (with format) while being online.

(2) at the end of their work, they cannot export it easily & keeping the format to OpenOffice, in order to paginate things, make advanced tables, illustrations, references, etc.

I'd like to know about the chance to have some import/export features from Tiki to OOo and viceversa. Like the ones already exposed at:

  • TikiDavDev (I wrote them there previously): UniWakka Wiki, which already has import and export features between their wiki to OOo...,
  • Or phpdocwriter functions,
  • oooserver,
  • WordtoWiki macro translated to OOoWriter,
  • your mod-Damian, ...

The export feature, moreover, would help on producing nice pdf out of Wiki pages, once the Wiki content is on OOo ...

How much effort would you think, Damian, Sylvie, or other dev's, that would be needed to include those import/export functions between OOo and Tiki? (maybe the easiest way to start with would be to adapt this feature from "UniWakka Wiki"software :-)

How much money would we need to get to pay for your work to do it? (to pay to whoever take care of it)

I can contribute with some money for that, and some other people might help to achieve this goal...smile