Galaxia Workflow Engine

Galaxia Workflow Engine

More relevant usage case.

Really, how many of us are useing Tiki/Galaxia for anything resembling the CD-library usage case? Wouldn't you expect much more common usage case to involve the writing and editing of Wiki pages? So, how about it, has anybody actually managed to get Galaxia to track progress on writing wiki content or get it to interact with the rest of Tiki in any sort of meaningful way? Do you have a site where you can show the rest of us how you did it, or better yet code?

It really sounds like a cool idea, but I just can't get my head around how to actually make it do anything I'd want it to do.

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That's a good idea... for Wiki pages, or for Articles (I think Articles might be more relevant than Wiki pages, actually).

Have you tried it out? Are you going to?

I'm completely and totally lost with Galaxia, so no, I haven't done anything useful with it. I'm sure someone must have, and I'm hoping they'll take pity and explain how to use it for managing articles and wikipages. :-)

IMHO, it's a perfectly fine example. The doc isn't 100% accurate with respect to the latest stable tikiwiki gui, but I followed it fine.

The example gives a *simple* example using all the workflow parts. OK, personally I'd tweak it so that it can do email (or personal messaging) notification when there's a new item, but it gave me a good grounding in what galaxia can do.

I'm hoping to implement a workflow for our development process, going from comissioning through to various signoffs with deliverables, QA, change request and through to final release. The workflow module is powerful enough to manage automatic testing at each stage, which will make a whole load of people's life easier. Except mine, natch, as I'll have to set the blummin' thing up.

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