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Trees in menus (or modules)

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Hi there,
Is there any one that knows if it's possible to use trees with more than one level in tiki menus or tiki modules?

Thanks in advance for the answer

Luis Pedro

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If you use 1.9 and enabled phplayers using the file= option you have have as many levels as you like. See the phplayermenu project on SourceForge for the file structure details. Its the same.



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Hi to both of you!
Thanks for the info. In fact I've enabled phpLayers and I tryed to use it with a menu that I've created, in one of the modules. I'm using tiki 1.9 RC4 and then I've the problem that the menu generated with phpLayer it has problems extending and collapsing. When it extends it does not get the correct size to display all the options. Any hint? Is this a css problem?

And Damian, what do you mean by using the file= option? Maybe this is a very dummy question but in fact I can not understand what did you mean by this!

Thanks for your time

Luis Pedro

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OK, just almost ignore my last message:

  • The option=file goes for the file name in which the menu is specified
  • The problem in the extend/collapse of the menus seams to be a firefox problem. Still I don't know if it's possible to work around this

See you

Luis Pedro