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Oh Dear - I think I've been hacked!

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cry Dear Damian, Mose N'all,

Been really busy with our building project (new 15,000 sq foot warehouse and offices for my company) and ain't logged on to TW for months.

Had to log on today, cos a webadmin for whom I set up a tw site has reported a problem on Saturday.
Upon logging on I've just read article http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=102 and hope I ain't a victim.

You guys may be able to confirm whether this is a db problem or a hack by visiting http://www.uclfootball.co.uk/tiki-index.php.

I've logged onto phpMyAdmin and the db seems to be OK, but I ain't got a clue as to what's causing the problem. Anyway, decided to re-confirm the settings of tw from tiki-install.php but it won't let me log on.

Any ideas?

I'm concerned as other sites I've set up for folks need protection.



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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know a fix for this one.
Not trying to pressurize, just need to know whether it's fixable or whether I just trash and re-create.


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Looks possible.

Without the access to confirm things like the db/local.php and the state of the .php files its almost impossible to tell.

Email me away from tw.o and Ill go through some things if your still stuck and havent found a solution.

p.s. Good to hear about the business expansion!


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Need some urgent help/advice. My tikiwiki site (wiki.nalsartech.org) abruptly stopped working some hours ago. I don't know what the problem is. I checked from phpmyadmin and the database looks okay. What do I do? Will running the tiki-install.php script again delete my existing database?
I'm in a real dilemma because the site has a lot of data that I'm scared of losing.
Any help would be useful.
Thank you,