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XMLRPC error

Hi there,

Apologies if this is the wrong place, but nothing else looked more appropriate.

I'm trying to use the XMLRPC feature to post remotely using a blogger compatible client, Marsedit.

I've triple checked that blogs and the xmlrpc API are enabled.

Marsedit tells me Can’t post for Common Worlds because The XML parser could not parse the data.: XML-RPC Response Parsing Failed.

My web log tells me
Fri Apr 8 12:33:49 2005 error PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xmlrpc_decode() in /home/mdawson/public_html/commonworlds.org/lib/xmlrpc.inc on line 1017

I can't find any tikiwiki log entries that notice anything has happened after a failed rpc post.

I've tried several configurations of several different clients, and none manage it successfully.

The brand new site is http://commonworlds.org.differentcomputers.com

The RPC is http://commonworlds.org.differentcomputers.com/xmlrpc.php

Feel free to create a user to try it yourself.

Does anyone have help to offer?


I am frustratingly having the exact same problem, also with mars edit, i've tried reinstalling a fresh tiki directory, also triple checked everything, the lamest part is that it used to work for me, until my hosting company switched servers
so it has something to do with that
i'm going to talk to my host.

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