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Re: Password Reminder Problems

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Perhaps I am wrong, but so far I know
When you are in the situation admin- >login -> "Store plaintext passwords" = n
The password field that you find in the database is not used. The real password is in the md5. On my site, all the password field are empty, and it is working.
Did you change this option one day?

If Store plaintext passwords" = y
The password field is resent at remind password - at least I think I don't use this option.

Perhaps something more important to chack what is happening when a user asks for a pswd reminder, is the field provpass filled with something no empty? This is the temporary password (at least in the case Store plaintext passwords" = n)

When you ask for a new password, the md5 is changed (I think it is changed now, the md5 will be changed only when you activate the confirmation of a remind password)