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How to read articles by topics?

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I want to orgnize the articles by differnt topics. All the topics mapping to the menu itmes. When the user click the menu, the page will jump to the corresponding aricles list.

How to fulfill it?

Thanks alot.

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You can make one wiki page for each topic, and put the ARTICLES plugin in each page. This plugin can be configured to display articles of one particular topic. Then link to those pages from your menu.

-- Gary

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I am interested in this too, but can't figure the syntax.
Could someone give a syntax-example as to restrict the article-displays by topic?

Anyone who reads this, have a pleasant day biggrin

(Using TikiWiki 1.9.0)

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Thank you, ricks99, for your answer and your time, I finally found the Article-Plugin-Page,
you and chibaguy were referring to (didn't get the hint the first timebiggrin ). Had'nt really tried looking before, sorry redface.

For anyone with the same Internet-Search-disability, here is the link:

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