Re: Re: Re: Re: Homework feature missing in 1.9.0?

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Damian, it may be usefull, especially if the work to be done is not that much, in orther to have HomeWork feature finally finished and enable people to use it for education (where we don't need such complete educational portals as moodle, so far).

> I can make it a mod if needed, but last time I looked it wasnt completed and needed a complete security overhaul with permissions.

In case you need money to do so, please report your suggestions to finish the feature and possible amount of money needed at edu.tw.o dev. forum, (or here, if you preffer) so that we can see at edu.tw.o if we can get the money among all the people eventually interested (I'm not sure, yet, how many people will be).

If you don't need money to do so, then just expect some possible donation/s for your work.

By the way, what do you think about a better solution for those issues with paying for coding efforts through a TikiBountySystem , such as the one useds in Horde, Gnome desktpop, etc.?