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> > * Pdf Generation could be fixed faster, maybe?

> PDF Generation actually needs a new LGPL compatible library, the limitations are due to the current library that is used, i.e. only latin characters supported etc etc
> Find a new library and it will be a breeze to complete the feature.

Sylvie seems to be working at this point, afaik (PdfGenerationDev)

> > * Documentation for 1.8 could be finished some day during the following year or so (instead of becoming a never-ending-story since one person - Luis, afaik - doesn't take care of it by hand)?,

> Documentation will never be finished unless development stops, If you want to finish documentation for 1.8, it would be obselete and totally out of date for the 1.9. Its better to document as you go along, but as we know developers dont like to become documentors.

I agree, but single full featured document (pdf) on a recent version is needed, as far as I see other newbies searching for CMS/groupware packages, etc. (and by "newbies" to tiki I mean also the heads of computing services of fairly big universities (ca. 65000 students) such as the one I'm contracted for, or other lecturers with money from reasearch projects that are searching for such CMS/Groupware engines for their needs). It is a shame, in this context, that there is not any updated pdf documention about Tiki, after 1.6...
I still think that we could share some money from different people to pay for a selected group of people to finish documentation of Tiki (thinking in finishing 1.8 now; We'll see for 1.9 or 1.10 later on: step by step, I think).

> > * And I wonder if this system could allow 1.9.x Trackers to be documented more easily?

> We just need a french to english translation, Full documentation is on fr.tikiwiki.org for them.

Oops, I didn't know that. Maybe with the Bounty System (or Bid system used at Rent-a-Coder, as you pointed out), this could be also done easily and quickly? (I know friends of mine who are fench teachers, unemployed right now, and they might be interested in doing the job with the help of tiki users of admins: I can't read nor speak or translate French, myself, but I can help that friend of mine to finish the translation properly, by supervising her final document.

> > * And I wonder if this system could allow 1.9.x mods to be documented more easily?

> Or even finished smile

Good point! smile.

Maybe the same for TikiProject ? wink

> > Don't get me wrong, please. I like Tiki a lot, and also the Tiki community. This is just a proposal to improve the coordination of efforts, energies, synergies, etc... among people of the Tiki community.

> The problem is when money is involved within the project, someone has to manage that between the various developers and various donators working on a project component, which means banking, tax issues, etc, etc. Its more involved that just opening a site with a fancy tracker interface.

I understand.

> See the way Rent-a-coder works, that is what we need for TikiBounty, but behind the scenes are various third parties handling the transaction so developers and donators arent at conflict with each other.

Damian, why not using some kind of Bid system, such as the one at Rent-a-coder?

By the way, is there any "Rent-a-coder"-like system for opensource? (I guess it wouldn't use .asp for their db, etc.)

Or could this be easily ported to Tiki through some adapted (if needed) tracker:
(I hope I'm using appropiate English words)

  • A "New Feature"-requestor or "Bug fix"-requestor submits a new record at the tracker, filling a new field saying if he/she is open to give some money back for the coding efforts related to this new request of Bug fixing.
  • A coder is interested in this new entry at the forms, and answers (through a comment, or new option, tab, etc.) with a bid (saying how much money would cost for him/her to do it, in case he/she cannot or doesn't have time to do it for free),
  • Other devs. can make other open bids...
  • The requestor can then chose from the coders (according to their bids, skills, efforts and time invested for free in the community, etc.) to chose the coder he/she want to pay for this coding effort.
  • The coder answer back to agree/dissagree.
    • If agreed, work is done, and money is payed the way the two people have agreed between them.
    • If not agreed, the cicle is still open, the requestor may choose other bids and contact other coders, etc. If no agreement at all with anybody, the system would work as it is now, more or less. The FindTikiExpert system can be tried, etc.

Well, this is just some fast thought about this need I see at the Tiki community, at this point of a big project, facing the future, etc.

At last, I haven't read that much about the Open Money initiative, but mose may have something to say about if Open Money concept or system could make any help for this issue.

Cheers, and thanks to all for this nice and diverse community (beyond the tiny conlficts about release times, languages used to document, more or less economic interest or vital-dependance to contribute to Tiki community, etc. )
xavi smile