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Search String Highlighting v1.9.0

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My Tiki doesn't highlight the searching words althought feature_referer_highlight is enabled.

I have updated Tiki to v 1.9.0 5 days ago but the problem is still there.

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Try the latest in BRANCH-1-9 in CVS. You can download a tar of it from de.tikiwiki.org links are on the left.


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Thanks Damian.

What search module do you suggest? Search_box or Search_new?

As you see in conversation with xavi it seems to be a problem with search_new module related with character set or ...!!!

Is this an known problem or I have to post an entry in forums about this?


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Hi spyk,
Try with the other search module (says new at the end). It may be this simple thing...
However, this new module doesn't fully work for me (some things are found with the old search module, but not with the new :-( ). I don't know any more details right now (otherwiose I would have submiited a bug report)

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Hi Xavi.

I tried what you suggested and the highlight feature worked.

However the search_new module doesn't have as many results as search_box module.

I think there is a problem with search stings that have character set other than UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1.

So I prefer use search_box module.