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Re: "Changing username" or "Displaying real names"

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Don't know howto do it keeping the same internal records of that students.
But through users.csv file (it's worth a lot registering them trhough csv file for registering the first time and or re-assigning them to work groups later on, etc., from my own expeience in the class)

Instead of numbers, if you get their names and surnames, for instance, you can play a bit with basic Spreadsheet functions (for instance, OpenOffice Calc) to "concatenate" Name and Surname (i.e.: users as NameSurname ).

I did first with Name.Surname (dot in the midle), but with 1.8.x I had problems later on to have Tiki recognize UserPageName.Surname as a WikiWord (no trouble at all with any version if using UserPageNameSurname )

If you need help with concatenate funtion or others at the spreadsheet, ask here (or at edu.tw.o! wink)
(you'll be wellcome there, and I'd love to read your experience using tiki in educational scenarios)