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Re: Formatting a table

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Hi Kwow,

Gary, you're the fastest in the East! smile
I was already answering kwow, but I took longer than you - take readaers intoaccount that I hadn't read Gary's trick! vey nice use of pp tag - I didn't use it but it's neateekbiggrin

Welcome to the wonderful world of tables within Tiki!surprised. I presume that there is still a long way to go, and it seems as if Tikisheets will help that a bit in the -short? long?- future, as you're already seeing, I guess, while trying its capabilities (other posts on this forum, etc. wink )

> Wondering if there is a simpler way of formatting the below table. What I wanted are to have the first row 2nd and 3rd colum contents spanning across the cell PART and Document/Drwaing,

I think it's not possible with the present features at 1.9.0. (I'd love to be wrong... I also wanted to do that weeks ago, and I didn't manage either). At the most,

Rule Table
Part Document / drawing

> and to break item (1), (2) and (3) onto a new line. Tried many ways but still cannot achieve the expected results.... Anybody can help??

This is possible indeed! biggrin (it took me some time to discover, but it's so simple, that I wonder why I didn't figured out earlier... kind-of-slow processing brain sometimes, I guess smile)

This trick needs to have "html" feature on in "Admin > Wiki", and having the box "Allow html" checked in the wiki page. Since html tags are not supported in tw.o, afaik, I wrote __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__ at every place where an br html tag should be written.

{FANCYTABLE(head=> Rule Table ~|~ ~|~ )} ~|~ Part ~|~ Document / drawing Type~|~(1) Part YYY. __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__(2) For TRUE raw material, set as Raw Material. ~|~ Revision ~|~ Default BUT next rev. for: __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__(1) B1 is AC and C1 is AD, __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__(2) OR AA for all legacy records. __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__(3)Do not revise Created record. ~|~Default BUT next rev. for: __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__(1) B1 is AC and C1 is AD, __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__(2) OR AA for all legacy records. __1BR_HTML_TAG_HERE__(3) Do not revise Created record, {FANCYTABLE}

This would produce:


By the way, now it comes my question:
How can we post CODE's with loooong lines like this one I reported, and avoiding tiki forums central column to become so wide? (it's a bit uncomfortable to read it this way...)
I thought SCROLL plugin could do (I haven't tried this plugin before, but I couldn't manage to use it a moment ago in this post or in a 1.9.0 wiki page- was complaining about height, even if I set also that parameter...)