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Re: Calendar questions

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> Can I change the calendar so the weeks start with Monday and not Sunday?
Currently this choice is based on the language.
So if you use the language es, you need to have in the file
"First day of week: Sunday (its ID is 0) - translators you need to localize this string!" => "Primer día de la semana: Lunes (su ID es 1) - traductores necesitan localizar esta cadena!",

> And in any case... I see the JS Calendar has internationalization. Am I better off using that, you think?
JScalendar internalization has not be been done for each language. Look at lib/jscalendar/lang/calendar-fr-utf8.js for an example. You have to create an utf8 file from the lib/jscalendar/lang/calendar-xx-utf8.js, update the file tiki-jscalendar.php
I just done it for the Spanish