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ImgaeGallery: Pictures uploaded but not shown...

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I have a big Problem with my image gallery and don't really know why it doesn't work!
I read the docs, searched the Forum, asked in irc, but didn't find a real solution..

The Problem only exists with my webspace( a paid one, should be good ) , on my local apache everthing works fine.. It appears both with gd and imagick. So the Configuration should be ok..

The Pictures are uploaded correctly. They are stored in the db or appear in the folder, where i can download them. a .thumb-file is created, but empty ( 0 bytes ). The Name of the Pistures are in the gallery, but there is no picture!!!


"upload successfull", but no pictures can be seen!


no thumbs in gallery, no file size


detail view of one picture


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Do you use GD or imagick (check in admin->image galleries to see it is well installed)

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Your GD and imagemagick configs look good for the hosting, You need to make sure your filename end in a lower case .jpg rather than .JPG


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Thank you for your hints!
File Extension seems not to matter, i tried .jpg now..

the screenshots above are with gd, imagick looks like this:


one more button wtith imagick :P


after pressing the rotate-button ( test.jpg ) the correct size is shown, but the picture still can't be seen

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ok that's the punishment for not having used the lastest Version!!! rolleyes

works now after upgrading from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2!
or maybe it helped to clear the temp folders..