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Image size in wiki pages

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I'm just wondering, whether the img or picture wiki tags are usable a little bit better. E.g. in a tutorial I'm embedding a lot of pictures to show the users where to click, etc.

All those pictures are embedded not in full resultion. Im sizing it down to make the text more readable. "Sizing down" means, I use the img size dimension specifiers. However the picture itself is uploaded in full resultion.

What I was hoping for, is a good image management: images in wiki pages are rendered by the CMS in the resultion specified. When the user clicks on such an image, the full resolution image is loaded.

However, in TikiWiki it's different. TikiWiki ALWAYS loads the full resultion picture! So, when my page with 20 pictues (about 100k each full resultion) needs to be displayed, 2MB of pictures get transfered just for viewing the page. It would however only require a view kBytes, to display all the thumbnails within the text!

Any solution for this?

Best regards, Bernhard.

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I think .. need to be checked .. that if you use an image from a scaled gallery, you reduce the resolution at the time time that the size of the image.


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Bernhard, isn't there a plugin to show thumbnails? (I talking by memmory; I haven't used it myself)