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Re: Before I get started...

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> Hi. I am looking for a Wiki/CMS for my site, but I have had trouble with a previous software choice. So, I wanted to ask a few questions before I get started.

Good idea smile

> 1. In the past, I attempted to install a CMS but it ran really slowly - up to 30+ seconds for a page load. I think (although this is unconfirmed) that this was due to my web server having no InnoDB cache in place, and being unwilling to set this up on a shared server. Is this going to cause trouble with TikiWiki, and is there anything else that may cause it run slow that I should know about?

Depends on your volume.

I can personally attest that each new version of Tiki has gotten faster. 1.9 is clearly faster than 1.8, which is clearly faster than 1.7 ( I don't remember before that). Some indexes were added and some optimizations were done as bottlenecks were reached.

TikiWiki has a really bad reputation for performance because, for the longest time, tikiwiki.org was hosted on a personal server. This server was old, overloaded and I think the link to the Internet was slow as well. Ever since we are on a vserver, it has been zippy.

Many of the *.tikiwiki.org sites run on inexpensive, shared servers. Performance is fine.

Reality: we have no metrics to compare Tiki performance to other similar applications (Drupal, Mambo, etc) but but my impression that Tiki is at least as good as the average.

> 2. I like the various features on TikiWiki, but I dont want to use them all. Is there a way that I can 'switch off' some of the features that I dont want available?

Yes, of course. Only turn on what you want.

> 3. I currently run a forum, and I want TikiWiki to share the database with it. Will the installation allow me to do this by using a prefix, and are there specific instructions for it?

That could get tricky. Most Tikiers use Tiki forum so you'll have to look around and find if anyone has made a migration script or a way to share the login.

Do you have lots of users/messages? Which forum app is it?

> That should cover it for now. Thanks in advance.

Please also see:
I think you will find some interesting info smile

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