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Architecture / Installation

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> Many thanks for your fast response. Much appreciated, and already one tick for TikiWiki! razz


> Volume wont be huge. My current forum has around 200 active members right now, and I would expect most of these to additionally sign up to the CMS. I am unaware of any history of TikiWiki or reputation, but I will be running it on a public and fairly standard shared server.

Ok. You should expect this level of performance on a shared server, with 1.9.8:

I often get less than 1 second to generate the page (according to counter at the bottom).

> I think that you misunderstand. I am not looking for a way to have a single login for both systems. Asking users to register for the two sides seperately is something that I can live with if I have to. (Although, if I could find a single login system for both aspects, then I would be interested. mrgreen)

Well, one solution is to use an all-in-one solution like Tiki. :-)

> My current forum is IkonBoard (not upgraded to IkonForum yet). This sets up use of the database with a prefix (which I have used 'tac_'). All that I need to know is if I can set up TikiWiki using the same database, but seperate tables in the database, which wont interfere with the tables already set up for the forum. For example, some other applicatons allow use of another prefix, such as 'wiki_' so that the tables can be stored together but kept seperate. Can I do the same thing with TikiWiki, given that the forum is already set up with a unique prefix, and are there any specific instructions for doing this?

I see now. So your host limits you just to one database?

Please see:

Tiki has three prefixes for its tables:

For galaxia_ & tiki_, there is little chance of collision (unless you install 2 Tikis!). So you just need to check if your DB has something which starts with users_ (which doesn't seem to be the case, from your message)

If there was collision: I remember someone wrote something way back for Tiki to be able to use different table names than the defaults. But I feel this is fragile at best. I would ask my host for an extra DB. It's much nicer for each app to have its DB. For backups, etc

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M ;-)