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Architecture / Installation

create a copy of running tiki (how to copy database?)

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i am trying to create an identical copy of my running tiki (1.9.7)

both copies should start with the same content, layout, users and settings...
and then "split up", i.e. each installation needs to have its own database.

maybe there is a better way to get a duplicate running?

here´s how i planned to do it and where i am stuck:

1. php files on server

I copied all the files and directories of my runing tiki to a new directory on the server.
no problem. done.

2. duplicate database

i just cannot copy the database with myphpadmin
myphpadmin does not allow "copying" a db

so in order to get an identical copy of the tiki-db running I thought i would need to:
1. export existing db
2. create a new db
3. import old db in new db

as my tiki-db export-file is 51mb i get timeout during upload (even as zip it is too big)
any ideas how to achieve that?

so i am stuck here.
if i managed i would only need to..

3. configure copied tiki for database

i think i would just have to change the info
in /db/local.php

or is there a way to change the db-name on a RUNNING tiki?
via the tiki-install.php maybe?

thanks for any help

posts: 40 Austria

dear marc,

thanks for the advice.

i have to admit that i just created a new tiki from scratch -
and imported all i needed.

very sorry, the whole sql-db business sounded just above my head.
(but now i finally know what i would need to learn bigdump if ever had to rely on my tiki-backups... >;e)

i am currently rebuilding everything - quite enjoyable, i have to admit,
except: if i only knew how i ever got rid of the bottom line saying "Created by / last changed" in my original tiki...

sigh.. >;e)