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Problem with module using phpLayer

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Hi there,
I just updated tiki to version 1.9.8 (from 1.9.2) and I was trying to use phpLayer features in one of my modules. I define the module as follows:

{phplayers id=53 type=vert} {phplayers id=54 type=vert} {phplayers id=55 type=vert} {phplayers id=57 type=vert} {phplayers id=56 type=vert} {phplayers id=58 type=vert} {phplayers id=52 type=vert}

I get all the menus on the left side of tiki but I've a strange behavior: when I pass the mouse over any of the menus, it will open the options of the first one (i.e. the options of menu with id 53). Each menu is defined with a "Section Level 0" and "n" options.

Any hint why this happening?

Thank you all in advance for your time and answers.

All the best

Luis Pedro

posts: 46 Portugal

Thanks for your quick answer!
Meanwhile, is there any workaround?