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Re: Knowledge Base implementation/MOD/plugin?

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Hi Phil,

I'll answer you as an end user from the organizational learning field who is working in a project with similar goals to those you declare in your post.

I believe that Genuine knowledgehas two irreducible aspects:

  1. it is seldom structured in the form of fixed fields or dependable rules, and
  2. it is social, i.e., it is distributed as shared understanding among human groups that often have little respect for artificial organizational boundaries. Knowledge differs intrinsically from data in that it evolves along a critical path from story to culture, to organization, to technology.

Real knowledge almost never is available from a …a clean and simple infrastructure. It almost always exists as a real mess of apparently incoherent units. It's the social human activity that as a persistent play with those building blocks imposes meaning, order and clarity to the disorganized net of disconnected pages.

To Rick your post seems to be an use case for trackers.
I do agree with him and from a complementary point of view I suggest you consider the whole TW project as a real Knowledge Base.
I also invite you to examine the Wiki-based Project management approach as explained here by Marc Laporte:

  • Each wiki page is a mini-project.
  • Users or groups are associated to a page via a customizable role.
  • Possible roles:
    • Project/page leader
    • Interested party
  • CMS type workflow roles
    • Author
    • Translator
    • Editor

We're structuring our departmental KB this way.
Till here my contribution,