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Footnotes and Endnotes -- How To??

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Can somebody enlighten me as to how to create a footnote or endnote in a Wiki page? And what is the My Footnotes box in the editor used for?

What I want to do is to have a link from an footnote indicator (like [1]) that can be clicked on to go to a corresponding footnote at the bottom of the page.

Footnotes are all over the articles on Wikipedia (see this page...)


but I don't know how to do the same thing in TW.


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As far as I know, you cannot do that right now on Tikiwiki, and I agree that this is a pity, since footnotes are very useful while writing many documents (even more on technical documents)

I heard long ago a tikiwiki-users or tikiwiki-devel list on sf.net someone suggesting a way to do that, but afaik, that code never went onto the repository. However, this feature would be very welcome for many sites...


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And the current "footnote" on tw is ab out leaving notes for other editors of the page (there might be a perm linked to that). I think that was working on doc.tw.o long ago, at least (viewable by editors, but not by anons)

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Here is a simple way that I came up with to do footnotes:

  • To create a Footnote indicator, use the TAG plugin. Indicate a footnote like this:

It will look like this [1]when used in a sentence.

  • At the bottom of your page, create a section and optionally put the section title in a box. You can do this using the caret markup like this: ^Footnotes^.

  • In the section, indicate the footnote like this:

[[1] Footnote text goes here

The section will look like


[1] This is the text of the footnote

Not fancy and no automatic numbering but at least it works.

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You can actually get a bit fancier (if you want).... You can have automatic numbering in the "Footnotes" area by using Tiki's numbering syntax. You can also create linked notes by using the ALINK plugin.

For example

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet{TAG(tag=>sup)}{ALINK(aname=_note1)}[[1]{ALINK}{TAG}text, consectetur adipiscing elit.{TAG(tag=>sup)}{ALINK(aname=_note2)}[[2]{ALINK}{TAG} Vestibulum consectetur eleifend lorem. Integer sit amet nulla.{TAG(tag=>sup)}{ALINK(aname=_note3)}[[3]{ALINK}{TAG} Nunc congue lectus ut nunc. ^Footnotes: #{ANAME()}_note1{ANAME}First note. #{ANAME()}_note1{ANAME}Second note. #{ANAME()}_note1{ANAME}Third note. ^

would produce:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[1]text, consectetur adipiscing elit.[2] Vestibulum consectetur eleifend lorem. Integer sit amet nulla.[3] Nunc congue lectus ut nunc.

  1. First note.
  2. Second note.
  3. Third note.