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Sell access to wiki pages

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Hi, I would like to sell access to wiki pages, or even better yet, allow wiki users to sell their own pages.

Is there a good combo of TikiWiki and some shopping cart system that you would recommend for this? Does anyone know a working example, done with TikiWiki or any other wiki?


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Sell per page view?

Or sell subscription (ex.: monthly) to a reserved area?

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I meant something simple like a monthly subscription. You'd create content with the wiki, and then sell subscriptions to that content.

CMSes with ecommerce support like Joomla have subscription features, but I think those lack true wiki functionality. That's why I asked for tried and tested wiki/ecommerce combinations.

...now that you mention per page sales: one could possibly also sell a monthly subscription to the entire site, and then share the pot among authors according to page views. But that could lead to an undesirable level of competition...

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Is that possible to sell access to wiki pages.