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How to disable "plugin pending approval" feature in 3.0?

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I've just test-upgraded my 2.4 wiki to 3.0, and I'm finding all these "plugin pending approval" notices really annoying. I've enabled all the plugins in the Admin->Textarea->Plugins tab, but for the life of me, I could not find a way to just automatically allow all plugin uses. I have a bunch of redirect pages along with pages that use a lot of {TAG}s, and I'm having to manually go through them, approving every single one. Needless to say, this is very annoying.
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Or, at a minimum... when upgrading, Tiki should not unapprove any plugins that are already in use.



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Hi lbmaian:

Yes, it's very annoying (whereas, with the limited human resources to do things better, at least it adds a higher level of security in all tiki 3.x tw sites, while allowing a decentralized way of using those potentially unsafe plugins, and then, it's up to you to decide which group/s of users to want to grant the permission to approve (potentially unsafe) plugin calls.

On the other hand, I've been reading a bunch of messages from you (all?) about the nuisances you find, annoyances, bad feelings, ... Hey, man, enjoy life, and please, remove your life-dirty-glasses! there are tons of nice things in TW project (and elsewhere, for sure), that you could also point out, or thank, not just complain about the things you don't like.

Can I request you to do your best to add the same number of positive messages as well as negative messages?
Otherwise, I can tell you that it's very annoying to read/hear comments from guys only talking about the things that they don't like, etc....

And please, if you can, share a bit of your time to make things better! That's what most of us attempt to do! And Tikiwiki community is very open for that, in many places: coding ( http://dev.tikiwiki.org ), documenting ( http://doc.tikiwiki.org ), helping other users through these forums...

Welcome back to the community, man! (and if possible, taking off you "dirty glasses")



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Sorry about the overall "negative" messages from me, but my purpose here was to seek help, not complain (and inevitably, these help requests are always going to be talking about so-and-so problem). For things that I do complain about, I've tried to keep the criticism constructive. I have contributed a bit by reporting some bugs (mostly various wiki syntax issues I've narrowed down) and some small patches (like that recent redirect plugin patch).

With that said, I'm a pretty busy guy, and being a primary editor of a wiki definitely doesn't help with my free time. I did code up a mass editor tool prototype for TikiWiki (which I hope to extend to work with other wiki engines), but I've become more busy lately and haven't had much time to work on it.

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Yes very annoying and trouble is even worse for whatever reason I can't get the approval system to work as described. I see no button for approval, despite setting the correct perms.

Anyway here's a workaround.. just save this as a .php file in your tiki home directory, and run it in a broser tab. Anytime you refresh it, it will update ALL your plugin approvals. BEWARE this will approve ALL your plugins. You will need to put your admin-username and database connection string in where indicated...

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Sweet! This looks like the "mass approver" I've been wishing for! Can this be integrated into the main Admin page?


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Running a completely closed system, I would love to see a master on/off selector for plug-in approval. As it is, I will have to be extremely selective in what plugins are used, so that the users work-flow is not slowed down or worse, the system not being used due to it.
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Yes, this would be VERY useful. I think if we trust our users, we shouldn't have to approve every plugin they use. Especially HTML.