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How to make TIKIWIKI look more like a website than a WIKI

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i want to be able to edit content WIKI style but i want my site to look more like a website than a wiki. are there any best practices or suggestions on how i make tikiwiki to look more like a regular traditional website in terms of formatting and layout.

for example, these site are using tikiwiki (if you look at the address)


is this just css changes or theme changes or is there something else going on?

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The calypsoushaka site is probably only css tuning
THe other one is css tuning - and perhaps some templates tuning
Other examples
None looks like tw site - It is css tuning and some tpls changes

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In the case of trionis.com, the site is using tikineat.css, which is the old default theme, and has the side columns turned off. The page I looked at is using the SPLIT plugin to get the appearance of two columns. The logo, etc. is displayed within div#siteheader. I didn't check if Look & Feel custom code, or a customized tiki-site_header.tpl template file is used. In short, it's pretty standard Tiki files, just with some imagination applied.

Believe it or not, www.calypsoushaka.co.za uses (at least what started out as) the Twist theme (demo of unmodified Twist theme). It's closer to a standard Tiki layout than the trionis.com site, but still has some nice customizations.

So, yes, these are done largely with CSS changes, and imaginatively using what Tiki provides (and also turning off - or limiting to admins/editors - some things that are geared more for a wiki/collaborative site than a "presentation" kind of site.

-- Gary

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I use a slightly modified Eatlon theme on my website and like the results. Most of the Tiki options are turned off for anonymous and registered users, and with some guru help from a friend I got some nice tabs set up at the top of the page. Categories are used to drive some of the main page content, but that is invisible to visitors.

I really like the Eatlon theme - nice and clean (though the text is way too light out of the box). She (my guru) also implemented the Split function mentioned above.

Good luck.
Mad Utopia