Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Community and *.tiki.org site organization

New role for this forum

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Wonder how decisions are made?

Why are things organized this way?

Have some ideas to better organize the Tiki community?

Please share your ideas!

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Hi Marc

I realize I am responding to an old post but, as they say, "better late than never..." :-)

I am fairly new here. I came across Tiki Wiki when I was looking for forum solutions for certain projects and I was impressed, not only by Tiki's potential but also by the way tiki.org is structured. I like its philosophy and what I think it's the intent behind it.

As for suggestions:

1 Tiki's Forums (https://tiki.org/forums ) categorization
To log some issues I encountered I could not find a better place than 'Features / Usability'.
I understand the 'Features / Usability' forum should be intended for discussion of things such as 'Can Tiki be used to book resources?', rather than 'I have an issue with x'. The problem is, there does not seem to be a 'General Support' forum where these kinds of requests would be better suited, so that enquiries about functionality and support are kept separate.
Suggestion: create an additional forum (e.g. 'Support') so that any support issue is stored in the appropriate forum.

I realize this would create the issue of what to do with all the topics/threads already created under the existing 'Features / Usability' forum. I am happy to help by moving items accordingly.

2 SWOT page (https://tiki.org/SWOT)
It looks like the SWOT page is one big list of Strenghts, Weaknesses, etc. - if one wants to edit that the operation appears cumbersome.
Suggestion: is it feasible/possible to create separate pages, one for each element, and then group them into a 'header' SWOT page, much like this page




Or is that unfeasible because there would be no TOC?

Again, if it's an option, I'm happy to help with that.

Thank you,

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fatiki wrote:
if one wants to edit that the operation appears cumbersome.

I wanted to clarify the quote above: since the SWOT list is all in one page, once one has identified a specific SWOT entry, right now it is difficult to

  • understand when that SWOT entry was last updated (since when you update one, the update timestamp applies to the whole list)
  • locate items that are out of date (e.g. whether something that was listed as Threat or Opportunity 10 years ago is no longer so) and, finally
  • update individual SWOT entries as appropriate

I hope it makes sense.