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Override the rel="nofollow"

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Hi !
Is there a way to override the rel="nofollow" Tiki links doing them "dofollow" links ?
Thanks in advance


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Must I check "Use direct pagination links:" to do the Tiki Links "dofollow" and override the "nofollow" feature?

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I didn't even know about this feature. Can you show me an example?


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Thanks again for answer...

ALL the links in TikiWiki are "rel=nofollow", that's means neither Google nor Yahoo does not takes them into account.. neither the external links nor the back links....
and I want in certain posts and articles to insert VALID links for my own sites...


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I just did a view source on this page, and I don't see any.

Please point me to a specific URL


M ;-)

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Go on searching the right answer...
This is NOT "Use direct pagination links:"...
perhaps must I uncheck "Links" from "Wiki Page List Configuration" ? to avoid the TikiWiki rel=nofollow feature ?

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Thanks for your answer... and your work !

Firefox > Activate 'Search Status' Extension > so you'll see that all the tiki-links are no-follow

But you must do it on your edit page...