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No-nonsense workgroup CMS?

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Hi. I hope someone human can help me here. I am setting up a groupware application for my "extracurricular workgroup" and would very much like to know if TikiWiki can do the things I'm looking for. I know code and I know webdesign, but this project's homepage I am not able to decifer...

Basically I need a platform for a kind of collaborative network. The network (really it's more like a workgroup) has as its purpose to gather (and present) information in the form of links, documents, and notes about particular subjects, discuss those subjects, and eventually produce articles about them.

I would like to be able to do the following things, but the application must NOT be more complicated than nescessary since this takes the fun out of everything and make people not want to participate.

- Collaborate on pages/wikis/articles (whatever you want to call it)
- Discuss this process
- Upload files such as documents
- Group the above things in divided subjects (in the form of which they will be accessed)
- Make collective blog posts
- Discuss things in general
- Present the project/FAQ
- An event calendar would also be nice

I would like to know, if TikiWiki can be set up to meet these needs, and these needs only. Then I would like to know how this is achieved :-)

Alternatively, might someone be able to direct me to a more suitable groupware-CMS?

P.S. The TikiWiki website is confusing to say the least. No apparant (or at least no consistent) prioritizing of content - everything is just small text. There seems to be at least twenty ways to get to (some kind of) answer to a single question, some eventually leading to the same page. A weird help-thingy suddenly appears at the right side, the clicking upon which results in a real mess of indeciferable info inside a small popup of sorts... and so on.

P.P.S. I do really appreciate the work people in this community seems to be putting into the project, though!

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Yes, Tiki has all the features you describe and many many more. Just turn off features you don't need.

When you install, start off with this profile:

Yes, the site is confusing. It's tricky because, among other things, there is content from since 2003... We are currently re-organizing:

Since you can code, please contribute your fixes & enhancements:

And "weird help-thingy" has been fixed for upcoming Tiki4.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Thanks! Just the push forward I needed. In the meantime, I must admit, I found some more pages regarding specific use scenarios - BUT they were referencing version 1.x...

Thanks again. Can't wait to get startet with this! Oh, one more thing. Can TikiWiki be set up on *most* regular web hotels running (L)AMP??

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yes, just about any LAMP host. If you take one with Fantastico, there is a very easy installer.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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