Unable to obtain multilignual feature : no french default, any else than english

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Even I am newbie with Tiki, but not in cms with Tiki, neithier in informatics.

I have installed two TikiWiki one week ago and I have four installations and configurations to do, quite quickly.

The first have been OK, the second with the same conditions, some different parameters ans rights, groups etc.

But even what I do there are no basic interface translation(corresponding to the "lang/fr", or any other language translation appear possible, independently of the various parameters concerning internationalization (general, users, context preferences etc.).

I conform to :

I don't understand what append.
I compare the source file, no difference.

Can you help me, so I could make the good test, controls, parameters, suggestions and not to find again the problem.


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I do not understand what you are trying to do.

M ;-)

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I found something (after five days). in fact you don't imagine that the doc is incompleted or wrong.

__If you don't use the option :
Use database for translation:__
Enable making a copy of the language.php file for your desired languages on the database, so that a User Interface within Tiki can be used to collaboratively translate the interface among users, or enable using Interactive Translation

Everything comes right if you uncheck this options.
Why ? the other language are not upload to database, If you update the language file, when it is upgrade into database ? If you use this option do you need to upload the language into database and how. I could not find any reference neither restriction into the http://doc.tikiwiki.org/i18n+Admin#Configuration doc.

Ouf! I am four days late...

Best regard's
This means that something must be done before, what ?

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We redact our answer simultenaously

You have said previously :

I do not understand what you are trying to do.

M ;-)

Just see and manage my wiki in french, and in english because we have to english people who live into our little group of villages. And subsidiarly use the options for the choice of the optimum language (for the front text : those text of the language.php file). May be I will collaborate to end the French translations (slides texts)

Best R..

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Again, because of other functions I have gone to


And I found :

Translation through Tiki interface (data base)
You need to enable the option: "Admin > Internationalization (i18n?) (Internationalization) > Use database for translation", and afterwards, clean caches ("Admin > System Administration" > ./templates_c/ Empty).

Then, the link is enabled in the main application menu: Admin > Edit languages, that will bring to an url like:


Editer le Plugin :code

Then it is necessary to create the translation into the database, for the Catalan language in this example, and tell Tiki to import the text strings already translated at the file language.php. This is performed in some short steps:

1. Tell Tiki to create a record for the new language (Catalan) into the database
1. Create Language
Shortname: ca (like en)
Longname: Catalan (like English)
2. Click in the Create button
2. Select the language you want to edit (Catalan) in the drop down menu.
1. Select the language to edit: ca
2. Click on the button Set
3. Then go to the link above called: Im- Export Languages,
that will lead you to to an url like:


Editer le Plugin :code
4. Import the text strings of the language.php in Catalan
1. Go to "Import > Select the language to", and choose Catalan (Catalan,ca) in the drop down menu. ## Click on the button Import.
5. Clean cache ("Admin > System Admin" > empty the three sections).
You will see already the interface in your new language (Catalan, in this example).

To edit the text strings, then you need to:
Go to "Admin > Edit languages". In "Edit or export/import Languages", select the language you want to edit (do as explained above), and afterwards go to "edit Translations".
Then you will be able to edit the text strings you want, search any of them, etc. The process is quite intuitive.

So it seems that these stages must be done by user for all languages else than English.
I,, naturally, was inclined to believe that these operation (upon into the box) where made for the database initialization for all built-in languages. If not this relation must be made between the to documents and the database option.

Best regards,