LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Unable to pick mail/group attributes from LDAP

I have integrated tiki to authenticate to AD automatically. I have also checked the "Create User if not in tiki" option.

The users are able to login successfully. However thier mail/group attributes are not being picked up automatically.

Is there any addition configuration that i need to perform?


I have same problem - I went into the tiki-preferences in the database and manually added both ountry and email data.

I have a Windows AD and Exchange server, the values I added was the following:


There must be a bug somewhere that results in the fields not being written to the database. neutral

Thank you for your answer. biggrin
It's working now.

Have the same problem but with TikiWiki 4.1.
The LDAP being used is Novell eDirectory

Note: the database table tiki-preferences reflects the correct values.

Does anyone have a hint?

Thx in advance

with versione 4.x
i'm using active directory ldap,
authentication works but the Email field is still empty when a new user join.

host = test.com
port = 389
LDAP Bind Type = Active directory
search scope = subtree
ldap = 3
Base DN = DC=test,DC=com

user DN = "empty"
User attribute = sAMAccountName
User oc = user
Realname = displayName
country attribute = countryCode
Email attribute = mail

i have a multiple ou so i can't set an unique userdn, this is the problem? but subtree is check

Same problem here.

@Fredouille91, where do/did you see/get an "answer" ?
In this thread I can't identify it.

I'm using Tiki 5.1 with Active Directory, users are created automatically, but the email is blank. I think we do not have groups here.

I apparently have the same config as the last post from "The_All" here above, except that country is simply "c", but I don't find the country in the database either. Where is this used ?

What would be more interesting IMHO, is to recover the language attribute instead of the country actually, since tiki is multi-languages and I have to use that feature (working for the Belgian Federal Government, French/Dutch). However, the language field in the AD is not necessarily an ISO field, so there should be some mapping capabilities (for example, from "Régime Linguistique Francais" et "Belgique" to "fr/be" or something similar.

I know,I know, I'm dreaming ... for 6.0 maybe ?

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