LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

Blank Screen after configuring LDAP?

I installed the current (not sure the exact version) v4 (stable) build from a download I did today. This is on WinXP SP3. I used EasyPHP (current build from a download I did today) and had everything working just fine. Then I tried to change the authentication to LDAP (Active Directory) and after I made the change I see the landing page: http://localhost/tiki and I enter the admin user and pass. Then I get a blank screen and that's it! Nothing else comes up. I chose the option to use the local admin account (instead of LDAP) and if I enter the wrong password for the admin I get an error.

The source code of the blank page is just the header with html/head tags.

(I tried posting the text here with the "code" function but even though it previewed fine all that shows up is the empty "code" box!)

If there's a way to manually alter a file to change the authentication method to non-LDAP I'd love to know it. Otherwise I have to re-install.


Did you ever figure this out?
I too have a similar problem, i changed over to LDAP and logged out, and have since not been able to log in at all. I am looking for a way to deactivate it from the file system of from the database.

Please help...


I believe the problem I ran into was the same as yours. I migrated from the default 'tiki' authentication to 'ldap', which caused the tiki page to become inaccessible from the browser.

To fix this, I accessed the mysql database and searched in 'tiki_preferences' for 'auth_method'. If it is set to ldap, you can manually set it back to tiki.


No, I never did. I wound up re-making the server. It's on a VMWare box. And this time I grabbed a snapshot of the server before I started playing with LDAP — which I never got to work.

I've put the whole project to the side for now. I'm hoping to find something that integrates with LDAP or I'm not going to use it.

Running the same probelm. Did anyone find a solution.  am getting the below error - PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method UsersLib::ldap_sync_groups() in /var/www/html/tiki/lib/userslib.php on line 1468 

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