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Architecture / Installation

Re: 3.2 to 4.1 problem: tabs in Admin: Features not working and new Wiki Edit page not enabled

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Ah, great! I hadn't seen that option in Look & Feel. That did indeed solve my problem and enable me to turn on the WYSIWYG editor. Thanks!

but I agree, strange that the tabs don't work! And I don't have tabs in the new editor. I checked and my Javascript is enabled.

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I too am having problems with tabs. In my case it is only the PluginTabs? labels that show up stacked vertically rather than side by side. The tabs in the the admin pages are correctly aligned.

Since the Plugintabs feature was my primary motivation for upgrading from 3.2 to 4.1, I would prefer not to just turn them off. I have tried disabling minify without improvement. I am using the Milkyway theme, but have also tried other themes including Strasa. My problem appears to be independent of theme.

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for tabs to work:

  • visit some tiki sites where you can see the tabs working (you can try in your user page in tw.o)
  • identify the css properties for tabs (see Web developer toolbar for firefox, or similar). See Tools idf needed.
  • check your css in your site, and identify if you have those css entries for tabs. If not, try adding the to your css.


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Thanks xavidp. I see some differences that don't appear to necessarily be theme related. How would I add them to 'my css'?

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There's an HTML break tag in the tabs plugin that needs to be given a "display:none" rule in your CSS file. I'm away from my own computer right now and can't check what the exact CSS is but will look later. In the meantime, it'd be a good idea to consider updating your site to Tiki 4.2. This will also fix the problem.

-- Gary

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That fixed it! Thanks very much, Gary.

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Thanks, Gary. Actually, I am already using 4.2. However, I would like to investigate your suggestion further, if you can point me to the right file/line to insert the display:none.

Also I should note that I keep getting this error in this forum:

Notice: this variable may not be empty: $_POST%22thread_sort_mode%22


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Oh, sorry, I thought it was fixed in 4.2 but obviously not. Anyway, the CSS rule that's needed is

.tabs br {display: none;}

You can make a new file called custom.css with that line as content and put it in the css directory in the root of your Tiki site, or you can add the rule to the existing file styles/layout/layout.css. Either way, it should be used by all themes.

-- Gary

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Greg (gdville), thanks for reporting. There is a bug still around about applying default parameter for sorting threads in forums, which in theory gets avoided by setting local parameter for thread sorting. I've set this local preference for this forum, and it should avoid the bug.

Please, report again if you still see this error here in this forum.



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