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Architecture / Installation

configuration problem

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Hi !!

First, sorry for my English.

I'm a new Tiki user, and I'm trying to configure the wiki. I have a problem with Admin Home --> Editing and Plugins. I can only get a blank page. I have resintalled once, but get the same problem.
No other issues....

Can anyone help me?

Regards from Spain


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Sorry for double posting. I though that the first one was lost (blank page after submit).

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you probably do not have enough memory - this page is memory consuming ..
in tiki-phpinfo.php
what is your memory_limit ?
32M can be short 64M should be enough
If you can try to increase your memory limit in .htaccess
a line like
php_value memory_limit 64M
Check tiki-phpinfo.php to see if the chage is done
Otherwise contact your hosting to know how much memory you can use and how to increase it
good luck

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Thanks for your answer.

The limit is 32, and I have requested the hosting to increase to 64. I'm waiting his answer....

However, the installer checks this parameter during instalation, and says that 32M is OK....

Well, I'll keep you noticed if this change works...

Regards from Spain !

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Hi again!

The problem was solved. It was the way you say, Silvie, and the hosting didn't put any impediment.

Thank you very much for your help !!

Regards from Spain

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