Features / Usability

Features / Usability

Aw: link open in new window

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for ex in a menu:


http://foo.bar" target="_blank or http://www.foo.bar" target="_blank

-> Domainname+doublequotes+space+target+equal+doublequote+underscore+blank

That will open Links in new tabs or new windows, depending on the settings of the users browser.


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Thanks Rick:

Yes, Allow HTML is allowed as per screenshot Capture1

Once allowed I'm not getting the invalid variable error but it redirects the browser to www.mydomain.com/index.php"%20target="_blank which is wrong.

I think the issue is I'm not sure if I'm writing the " target="_blank at the right place.

Should it go on the URL field? I tried both with " and without it. Or should I place it somewhere else.

I already checked the JQuery option, but having t hardcoded will not be easily maintenable for a new site (things will change, options added and deleted, so I should be playing around with the code). Probably once the site is stable.