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Features / Usability


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I have a problem with permissions, I think.

When I'm in admin mode, I can create a wiki page no problem.

When I'm in registered mode, I'm being asked to choose a category

Here is an example:

Let's say I create a page named: Test
Once I'm in edit mode, there is only one tab that says: Regex search
Whereas in admin mode, I see a category tab.

If I continue to create content in the edit page and I click on save, I get this message in the tool bar:

A category is necessary My site is configured in French, so it says: Une catégorie est obligatoire

If I try to continue saving I loose everything and there is a msg that says: this page will be orphan

Then, I can't even save the page and get a message saying: No page found

Do you have a suggestion as to where I should twinkle my settings?


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You can either disable the 'Mandatory object category' preference. I never understood why it's on by default or ends up being enabled so often.

Otherwise, there is also a permission issue. There is a permission called tiki_p_modify_object_categories related to this.

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OK, I found out where was the glitch.


Tks for the clue.