Localize only interface not including messaging text

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I want to translate tiki to a new language not in current list, so I checked "language.php" and find out there are more than 4000 lines need to be translated, that's a lot of work to do. right now, I just need to localize those volcabulary on interface not including those messaging text,this might narrow down the job. so I am wondering whether there is a subset of tiki volcabulary list handling only the interface? hope someone could give me some clue, many thanks!
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you can go to i18n admin panel > edit languages and enable the interactive translation feature... that way you will be able to create and translate the UI easily.

also you can join http://i18n.tiki.org and contribute to the translations directly via this dedicated website.


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Hi Luci, many thanks to your quick response, by "enable the interactive translation feature", are you saying Customized String Translation under i18n or else where?

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Hi Xavi,Many thanks to your hints,this helps a lot!

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