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Hi whit,

Sorry for the confusion with the forums. Before we had a single topic. I created a new forum for the Tiki Importer and moved the old topic inside "Features/Usability" forum there. The old topic is locked but the new forum is open, so you can create new topics.

I have changed my user preferences so now I should be able to receive messages using Tiki internal messaging system.

Thanks for improving Mediawiki Importer documentation. I saw your changes on http://doc.tiki.org/Mediawiki+Importer.

We can continue the discussion is this topic (which I already moved to the new forum).

A while ago a user reported that Mediawiki was generating an invalid XML file and this was causing the importer to generate a blank screen. So please check if you have a valid XML file with an external tool. If you open your XML file in Firefox for example it will tell you wheter it is valid or not. I have updated the documentation with a paragraph about this and I plan to improve the importer when I have some free time to display an error message instead of a blank screen when handling an invalid XML file.

Let me know if you have a valid XML file so we can further investigate why the importer is not working in your case.

Thanks, Rodrigo.