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Hi whit,

If I remember correctly it is not that simple to handle the error when your file is bigger than PHP's post_max_size setting (you are talking about this one or some other Apache setting?). My impression is that you can't catch this error. I mean this error happens before you can check on PHP side the size of the file to match against the setting value. But I might be wrong.

If this is the case could you please update the documentation with your experience with this? Maybe add one more item to the list of known issues warning users to manually check the size of the file against post_max_size value.

Others have reported this segmentation fault error. Please send me by e-mail (I just sent you a message with my e-email address) a copy of the file causing the problem and I will try to check. I have checked already one file causing this problem and I wasn't able to find any kind of solution. As far as I know segmentation fault errors should not occur and they smell like PHP bugs. But I don't have enough knowledge to be sure about that. As you guessed it is very likely that the problem occurs inside preg library.

About the uploads, you got the idea right. It is possible to import files or images attached to Mediawiki pages. But the problem is that you need the information added by dumpBackup.php --upload and if there is no difference between the XML file generated by dumpBackup.php --upload and Mediawiki export interface the importer will not be able to import the attachments. The problem is that the standard Mediawiki XML file has no information about the location of the files. This is way dumpBackup.php --upload exist. As you said probably it is a Mediawiki version issue.