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How to configure Feedblitz mailing/RSS system with Tiki

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If you want to integrate a different mailing list distribution system with your Tiki, such as Feedblitz, do a lot of tests before announcing you got it all settled.

Here is my problem:

Feedblitz recognises RSS syndication by default.

The one article (a test I sent to two email addresses subscribed to my mail-list) I created is "un-clikable", meaning that the mail list menu received by email as a result of sending a newsletter via Feedblitz does not work for all the links.

Here is a print screen:

I wrote to Feedblitz and invited them to help us document the resulution of my problem.

Here is the help email I sent them:

Help email sent to Feedblitz. See: http://kb.feedblitz.com/
Hello, I'm on the 30 day trial to decide whether or not I install and use feed blitz. I have few questions: a) The results of the tests I did show that some links can't be opened. Specially a prob with the IE Compatibility option. I updated the browswer and un checked all the IE settings (as suggested in a forum) and still, the links are un clikable. The interface I want Feedblitz to capture is the following: a) This one works: http://www.yogapartout.com/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=1 b) This one works: http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Search=725997 c) This one doesn't work (no link to show you, it doesn't work!) Incidently the one that doesn't work is the only one I created. Of course, I know I have to do certain things on my side to make the one article I created to work. Would you have any hints to give me as I want to document my findings on the tiki.org side which is the framework I'm using (comparable to Drupal but less known;-)) Tks in advance. Daniel Gauthier 514-883-1922 daniel@tiki.org here is a screen capture that I placed on my ftp: http://yogapartout.com/extlinks/ftp/bogues/feedBlitzLinksDontWorkSometimes.jpg

Can you help?


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You need to provide the code requested else I have nothing to work with. If you are unable to do that please provide the URL of the page hosting the broken link and the address of the rss fees of your site.

And so I did. What you need to do is go back to the email (test or not) you received that was generated by Feedblitz and provided them a copy of the code. Just by doing a reply to them should suffice.

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Here is an additional piece of info that might be of interest:

Check the html source for the page or message where you experience a problem. There lies the answer.