How to use articles as basis for Web content

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I've been searching here, Google, and elsewhere for help on this. Can I do this with TW?

I like the multiple features in TW and like that it's a monolithic system. What I want to do is create a feature rich web site, but use non-editable article content as the basis for my public-facing web pages and use the Wiki, Forums, Newsletter, and other features as value-add features to the Web. This means that first and foremost I need to create all my public-facing web pages as articles. I'm thinking (based on what I'm reading about TW) articles are the right method, because they are 'typically contributed and non-edited'.

So, how do I:

Make a single article my home page? Not the article list.
Make a Main Menu that links to my other web-page articles?
Make this Main Menu the first menu in the left column?
Edit my Application Menu into multiple menus that list other features for the site?
Give each of these other menus different permissions to various user groups?

Most importantly, is this possible with TW? Or am I limited to using the Wiki feature as my main web site content?


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I think you could achieve that web site using either articles or wiki pages, since a wiki page can be protected against edits by other site users.

You can use the "use URL as site index" option (maybe this is set on the Admin General page) to specify a particular page or article, etc. as the site homepage. You can make any menu that you like, and position the menu as you please. I wouldn't edit the default application menu, but rather would make two (or more) new menus that list things as you want, and permissions can be assigned as needed. Rather than repeat the information on how to do these basic tasks, I suggest that you check out the documentation at http://doc.tiki.org and/or http://twbasics.keycontent.org/.

-- Gary

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You have quite a few options.

You can make one article as the "front page", but if you want your home screen to do more than sit there as a flat page then you are probably better to create the front page as a wiki and just lock that down so no one else can edit it (but users can still contribute in other wiki pages).

There are a lot of plugins / modules etc that can go into a Wiki page to make your home screen more exciting - for example video content, or it can say "hello Tom, welcome back", or include a twitter feed, or output from a user survey, or all of the above at the same time.

As chibaguy says, don't edit the main application menu. It's easier to export that to a spreadsheet and create a new menu which also gives you the ability to rename the menu selections (I was allowing registered users to select "Future Predictions" rather than "Articles" for a site I am creating). The docs cover how to do this - you then reimport the spreadsheet as .csv and you have as many new menus as you have time to create.

Finally, not sure what you are using to test Tiki, but if using Windows then XAMPP or Linux then LAMP(and there is a Mac equivalent) which lets you set up a php/mysql environment where you can play / test / trial stuff very quickly without accidentally screwing up your main site.

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Interesting and useful, thanks!

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