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Architecture / Installation

Re: Modules replaced by "Please contact support about"

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interesting but exactly the same happened on one of my websites hosted on a2hosting.com two days ago. I have contacted support and finally we've figured out that they disabled the eval() PHP function (because of some hack-prevent action) which is required by Smarty templating engine to work properly. Contact your webhosting support and ask them to re-enable it for your account as it is valid use of eval() in Smarty lib and mandatory for Tiki to run.


marcor wrote:

Hello, I wonder if you could help me troubleshoot what happened to this tiki 6.2 installation: http://acpparma.net/Welcome

As you can see, several parts of the page (the menus and the banner modules) have stopped loading correctly: a mysterious broken string has taken their place ("Please contact support about").

The database connection is okay, because the rest of the site is functional (wiki pages, calendars, articles, etc.).

The problem stays even after logging in as administrator.

I am not the only one to have admin access, so I am not sure about what kind of action could have caused this. Any advice would be really appreciated!